Georgia Longevity Alliance


Georgia Longevity Alliance, founded in 16 January 2016, is an international organization striving to bring forth eternal youth, health and happiness to humanity. Above all, the fundamental aim of our organization is for people to have a desire and capability to reach immortality.

To achieve these aims

three problems must be solved:

Achievement of health, eradication of all diseases.

We have always been aware that creation of senolytic technologies is of utmost essence in this particular case. Therefore in the year 2019 tested out a senolytic couple on people - dasatinib and quercetin . The clinical trial was beyond our expectation. As the Georgian legislation is scientific-friendly and especially in the affairs of clinical trials, we are honoured to announce that our organization is ready to test out other senolytic technologies. In our opinion another important aspect is the creation of portable apparatus that detect the disease long before its physical manifestation- iCure: your personal bodyguard. The project is currently in progress. Eradication of bodily injuries. To achieve this objective we are working on the creation of an embryogenesis map that allows to grow damaged organs and tissues within the body along with their transplantation Creation of reverse rejuvenation technologies for the unbounded lifespan. The basis of which is in the creation of nanoscope technologies. When the problems of health are conquered we may hope that the idea of living forever will gain popularity among people.

Achievement of wealth, eradication of dictate or power-possessing individuals.

We think that every human must be in possession of each private property from the moment of his/her birth until his/her death. Thе sum of all people’s share must exceed 50% of all private properties. The share in all private properties must be given to a person at his/her birth and it is returned in the event of his/her death back to the collection of humanity.
One share = (1/2)*number of all living people)

Achievement of happiness, eradication of opportunism in politics.

Government activity must be assessed by the happiness index.
Happiness index = (Number births/number of unnatural deaths)*average lifespan

Federated Member of the Longevity Alliance

Federated Member of the International Longevity Alliance.